Recruitment Specialist

Job Description:

  • Screening applicant’s resumes and making proper filtration and sourcing potential candidates based on the open vacancies
  • Maintaining a pool of candidates for any sudden shortage
  • Coping with the manpower planning for the open jobs within specific timeframes
  • Make efficient hiring, ensuring the shortlisted candidates have the required core & technical competencies
  • Collect the job requests from the departments using the job request form weekly
  • Make attractive Job Ads.
  • Conduct different interview types, one on one, panel, or mass interviews with the applicants.
  • Arrange the interviews appointments with the candidates & apply the full interviewing stages aligning with the department heads
  • Make Assessment to each vacancy.
  • Maintaining the headcount sheet of each store and ensuring the right staff are placed efficiently avoiding any extra hiring or shortage in staff
  • Make a weekly report to the HR Head with the recruitment activity, and status of each position, analyzing the turnover ratio
  • Make exit interview with the resigned employees and write down the exact, and full details of their leaving reasons as possible for analysis.
  • Prepare Related reports to Recruitment process.

Job Requirements

  • Presentable with very good profile.
  • Solid experience in recruitment in handling the mass hiring.
  • Experience in working with Retail companies.
  • Excellent command of English
  • Proficient Microsoft user in “Excel, Word, PowerPoint”
  • The best candidates who have effective communication skills, excellent handling skills.
  • Multitasking abilities are essential
  • Positive, friendly yet professional attitude all the way
  • Excellent interviewing and assessment skills
  • Excellent analytical thinking skills & reporting skills

Job Application:

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