Coordinator RTM

Role Summary

RTM Analyst is responsible for ensuring that operations are performing according to key call center performance metrics such as service level, adherence, absenteeism, utilization, AHT, FTE, occupancy, Tardiness & conformance. Handling real time and historical data.

What’s On Your Plate?

  • Executes plans and ensures effective implementation of schedules.
  • Administers Call Center Agents’ scheduling.
  • Uses over and under rules to minimize the gap between actual arrival patterns and forecasted patterns.
  • Reconciles daily attendance with agents schedule and time in/out reporting in coordination with the Team leader.
  • Create and deliver daily, weekly and monthly WFM reports. – Communicate changes to scheduling to ensure suitable daily resource coverage.
  • Maintain a running report of attendance records.
  • Schedule measures for continuous improvement, including making recommendations to improve scheduling efficiency and team member satisfaction.
  • Provide analytical support to operations and propose recommendations or solutions to enhance efficiency as needed.
  • Ability to facilitate daily operations updates.
  • Manage non-productive time request process, ensuring activities are planned without impacting SLAs – Perform any additional related tasks.

Job Application:—Maadi/Coordinator-RTM_JR0029139-1

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