CRM Specialist

Job Role: 

The role will require you to keep client satisfaction (patient and therapists) by knowing the Client’s needs, requests, and concerns to be solved.


  • Answer all inquiries on the intercom.
  • Recommend Therapist based on the Specialty, available Time Slots, and price.
  • Therapist relationship management improves therapist activation and engagement.
  • Provide Clients and therapists with accurate information about session timing or Promo Codes if available, through web chat and emails.
  • Follow up on sessions with Client / Therapist on Intercom (Online, browser, internet connection, device, and to make sure that they know how to use the website).
  • Troubleshooting within Session.
  • Check Client Feedback through the operation system.
  • Records customer inquiries by documenting inquiries and responses in the relevant documents.
  • Responsible for rescheduling, cancellation, and refund sessions.
  • Improve the area of retention and proactive engagement by outbound methods and executing growth strategies.


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • + 2 years of experience in Customer Relationship Management

Area of knowledge:

  • Customer services
  • Sales

Technical skills:

  • Excel user
  • Good English Interaction
  • Writing communication
  • Handling customers
  • Communication

Jon Application:

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