Card Operations Coordinator

إذا كانت خبرتك +2 فى مجال ال Operation هذه الفرصة مناسبة جدا لك.

Job Description:

  • Build and manage different operational workflows for the Khazna Card
  • Be the ops focal point when it comes to card user experience, consistently liaising with our CX team, delivering insights both ways
  • Assist in scaling our card pickup operations from the ground up
  • Drive analytical insights through deep dives and dashboard development
  • Proactively identify un-scalable processes, analyse them, and quickly replace them with more robust ones


  • 2+ years of Experience preferably in highly analytical roles – Ops, Investment Banking, Strategy etc.
  • Degree from Top Tier University
  • Solid Analytical Skills
  • Ability to identify process bottlenecks and be proactive enough to relieve them
  • Preferred SQL knowledge

Job Application:

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