Operations Senior Analyst

Job Role: 

  • This Operations Analyst role is a brilliant opportunity to help drive growth in one of the fastest-growing regions for DiDi
  • This Operations role is a rare opportunity for fast growth early career and provides a chance to build a great combination of analytical skills and strategic abilities to drive the delivery of key business goals.
  • You will have the front seat in the business and work closely with the Operations team.
  • Together you will build, run and grow our business in the Middle East.
  • Be prepared for a hectic, fast-paced and challenging environment.
  • Never a dull moment.


  • The seniority of 1(/3)+ years of business experience in total, ideally working for consulting firms,
  • investment banking, private equity, technology companies or startups in business/project/strategy roles
  • Be eager to make history in the Middle East Startup Scene, change the Mobility Industry in our country, and develop your career
  • Problem-solving and analytical, written and communication skills
  • Insights about industry structure, business model and unit economics
  • Proactive, hands-on, and entrepreneurial attitude
  • Ability to work with and influence indirectly multiple stakeholders
  • Multiple functions and also internationally
  • English fluency (oral and written) is mandatory: the position requires daily interaction with international stakeholders living in the Middle East and abroad
  • Advanced knowledge in MS Excel. SQL knowledge is a plus, but a willingness to learn is a must
  • Relevant experience in a fast-paced business environment is a plus

Job Application: 


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