Internship- Legal Specialist

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Internship- Legal Specialist

Internship Details:

2 Months



  • Student with English law background
  • Good judgment and analytical skills
  • Ability to support in solving legal issues or risks
  • Ability to understand complex contractual issues, assess risk, and provide concise business-focused legal advice

Job Description: 

  • Drafting legal documents such as motions, briefs, complaints, or pleadings based on the attorney’s instructions
  • Researching applicable laws and legal precedents in order to provide legal support to attorneys working on cases
  • Drafting contracts, deeds, corporate charters, and other legal documents
  • Reviewing and summarizing case files to determine what additional action is needed by the attorney
  • Drafting plea agreements for criminal cases
  • Conducting legal research on issues relevant to cases being tried in court
  • Preparing briefs, motions, petitions, and other legal documents for the court

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