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 Obeikan Digital Solutions is hiring an Account Officer, Don’t miss this job opportunity .

Job description: 

1. Prepare sales invoices and ensure all the sales orders are reconciled with invoices and shipment orders.

2. Ensure all the sales invoices are delivered to the customer promptly.

3. Record Supplier invoices and match them with related POs.

4. Prepare supplier transfers/cheque payments.

5. Record payments into the system.

6. Project cost data entry is done in a timely manner.

7. Review cost allocation to various departments.

8. Cost ledger analysis by project & department.

9. Monthly accruals review and update into the system.

10. Co-ordinate with necessary departments including IT and resolved issues.

11. Performing monthly closing activities.

12. General ledger analysis.

13. Check the sales reconciliation with GL.

14. Set-up recurring entries, like, Insurance, Depreciation and amortization, rent etc.

15. Services Dept cost allocation entries.

16. Analysis of utility cost.

17. Reconcile inter-company balances.

18. Monthly accruals list and entries.

19. Prepare all necessary journal entries and adjustments if any.

20. Review Dept. cost and discuss the variance with dept. manager.

21. Monthly, and quarterly financial reports are prepared within the deadline.

22. Financial reports and explain the deviations against budget, forecast last year.

23. Audit working papers file and schedules for external auditor.

24. Prepare annual budget – operation & capital with analysis & explanation for the key component of the budget.

25. Prepare Quarterly Forecast – with analysis & explanation for variances from budget and any other task assigned


A minimum of 4-6 Years of Experience in the field

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